FOK Mobile ComputerWorkstation in SA
FOK Mobile ComputerWorkstation in SA

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MIE's Chief Clinical Officer
MIE's Chief Clinical Officer

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Let us shake hands on an EMR/CIS
Let us shake hands on an EMR/CIS

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FOK Mobile ComputerWorkstation in SA
FOK Mobile ComputerWorkstation in SA

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EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Systems:

We are the EMR/CIS leaders with extensive experience ranging from Application Configuration to Project Management for Hospitals and Leading EMR/CIS Companies.

YOU Are Our Focus:

From experience we can testify that; irrespective of whether your

fine Institution is a Hospital or a Medical Device Company/Vendor (new to or familiar with EMR/CIS) each client's needs are unique and require a Comprehensive Analysis and Project Scoping.

We are available to discuss your needs and to elaborate on the details of our other services and solutions on offer.


Clinical Education, Training and Transformation:

Our Clinical Education and Training solutions provide your Nursing and Paramedical staff with the opportunities to be assessed and to develop from Novice to Competence, to Proficient and finally to an Expert level. 




I know that Africa deserves state of the art clinical practices and patient care.


We haven't waivered in the face of our challenges and proofed our strengths time and again.


Embracing EMR/CIS is the next step in Africa's Healthcare journey and my vision is for EMR/CIS practices in Africa to be benchmarked to the rest of the world's "Best in Class".


My extensive Clinical background inclusive of Critical Care, Education/Training and my years of international EMR/CIS consultancy experience  in countries such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, Hong Kong, Africa and various European Countries enable me to deliver on this vision.


Innovation has become an integral part of today's business world, combining our innovation with persistence and execution is what is going to make MIE a success in Africa.



- CEO, Suzette Ferreira



  CIS (Clinical Information Systems)


  • Provision of CIS/EMR Mobile Computer Workstations

  • Onsite Project Management

  • Hospital Paper versus Electronic Workflow Analysis

  • Clinical Information System Customization Configuration

  • Installation and go-live support

  • Post go-live support  and auditing

  • Key-user training

  • Supporting management in writing training material

  • User guides and update internal procedures

  • System analysis and testing

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • Various Marketing and Sales related support

  • ​Operations Management

  • ​Change Management




 Clinical Education, Training and Transformation


  • Flexible and tailored curriculums  

  • Comprehensive Training and Learning assessments

  • Problem Based Learning curriculums

  • Competency assessments

  • More than 30 clinical programs

  • Clinical transformation project management

  • Best Practice benchmarking

  • Change Management